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The Horizon Mennonite Alternative Program (MAP) is a grade 7 to 12 school located in Vauxhall, Alberta.  MAP was established in 2001 by Horizon School Division to meet the needs of the growing number of Low German Mennonite students in this area. We were one of the first schools of this type in Alberta. Since that time our student population has grown steadily and our number of graduates has increased dramatically. We currently provide a wide range of educational opportunities to approximately 70 students.

MAP School is an educational environment that:

  • nurtures and respects the faith and culture of our Low German Mennonite students and their families
  • offers a blend of direct instruction and self-directed programs to allow flexibility in the timing, pace, and location of learning
  • promotes academic success by focusing on literacy and numeracy skills in classroom instruction and intervention programs 
  • connects students with Alberta curriculum through engaging and culturally sensitive instruction
  • accommodates differences in student abilities, educational backgrounds and language skills
  • expands student opportunities through a variety of off-campus experiences
  • provides guidance in setting educational goals and choosing the courses
  • welcomes families with limited ties to public education
  • fosters a sense of belonging in all of our students


Walter Plumtree


“Wachsen durch Glauben und Ausbildung”

“Growing Through Faith and Education”

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