Staff Directory


Photo of Walter Plumtree

Mr. Walter Plumtree


Photo of Sam Bennett

Mr. Sam Bennett

Jr/Sr Science Teacher

Photo of Bev Cunningham

Mrs. Bev Cunningham

Sr High Humanities and Options

Photo of Ashley Pulfer

Mrs. Ashley Pulfer

Junior High Social and English; Foods; LST

Photo of Shalee Sran

Mrs. Shalee Sran

Math Teacher


Photo of Phyllis Loewen

Mrs. Phyllis Loewen



placeholder image for Joel Blake

Joel Blake

Child and Youth Care Worker

placeholder image for Gretchen Bourassa

Gretchen Bourassa

Family Connections Wellness Coach

placeholder image for Garth Mouland

Garth Mouland

Career Counsellor

Phone: (403) 223-3547

Support Staff

placeholder image for Anna Redecop

Ms. Anna Redecop

Classroom Assistant, Nutrition Program Director