Why MAP School?

Why choose MAP?

Students and their families choose MAP school for many different reasons:  

  • Some feel that they fit in best at MAP because they find other students there who have similar beliefs, culture and life experiences.  
  • Some have family or work commitments that require more flexibility in the timing, pace or location of their learning.  
  • Some need supports or adapted programming due to developing English language skills or limited formal education.  
  • Some seek support and respect for their religious beliefs and cultural practices and sensitivity to certain key issues.  
  • Some are the first in their family to attend high school and need help in understanding the system and planning a path to graduation.

 In each case, MAP School tries to help students to overcome the barriers to education so that they can be successful.

Is MAP a real school?

MAP staff and students are sometimes asked if it is a real school because it gets confused with programs outside the public education system.  MAP is a publicly funded school and is a part of Horizon School Division No. 67.  We have fully trained and accredited teachers.  We offer a full range of courses which use approved Alberta curriculum and resources.  MAP students work toward Alberta High School Diplomas and take diploma exams.  Our graduates meet the requirements for graduation in Alberta found in the Guide to Education.

Why should I complete high school?

In the past, it was easier to find meaningful employment with little education, but times are changing. In today's competitive workplace many employers are demanding a high school diploma. Most trades now insist on a high school diploma to meet entrance requirements. The types of jobs available and the requirements for them continue to change.  Having more education gives you more options for your future. Also, studies have shown that a person with a high school education is more likely to earn more, to have better health and to have stronger personal relationships than someone who does not complete high school.

Can I work and go to school?

It is possible for high school students to work and go to school. We offer flexible programming that can adjust to different schedules and can be completed in school or at home. Our teachers are available to help students at times that meet the students' schedule.  We also offer credits for work experience and other off-campus programs.  It takes commitment and independance to be successful at doing this, however.  Some students need to take extra time to finish, and others decide that they can not do both.  At MAP, we work with each student individually to come up with a program plan to meet their needs.

What if school is hard for me?

There are many things that can make it hard for students to be successful at school, and MAP school tries to help them overcome those challenges.  English is the second or third language for most MAP students and some have had limited or interrupted formal education.  MAP staff plan our instruction with these factors in mind.  We offer literacy and numeracy programs for students who need help in those areas.  We also work with students to use their strengths and accomodate for their areas of difficulty.  Finally, we offer a variety of different streams of high school courses so that students can utilize their strengths and take courses where they can be successful.

What else does MAP have to offer?

At MAP, students always have direct and immediate assistance from certified teachers to help them complete their required courses and to achieve a grade 12 diploma. Our building is a certified testing center for grade 12 diploma exams, allowing the students a comfortable environment to write their exams. Our staff studies with and prepares students for their exams directly, ensuring success.

Besides passing their diploma exams, students have to meet a number of other requirements for graduation.  We provide academic counselling and create and individual program plans for each high school student.  We also teach a full range of courses such as CALM and Physical Education classes, Career and Technology Studies courses such as cooking, sewing, shop, and other options courses. Flex periods have also increased student opportunities in activities such as art projects, student council and rock band.

Students at MAP have the chance to take part in many valuable and fun experiences both inside and outside of school. Past field trips have included going skiing/snowboarding, Writing on Stone Park, Calaway Park, Medicine Hat Leisure Center, Brooks Leisure Center, bowling, curling, and skating.  We also offer students opportunities to paricipate in leadership conferences, job fairs, science olympics and sporting events.

We have many events and activities at MAP that include the student's families and our community. Every year we have a back to school breakfast.  In the fall, we have a family potluck supper. At Christmas we have often had students bake treats for their families and we have made a homemade Christmas dinner for the students. Many of the moms of our students are providing hot lunches twice a month. In June, we hold a graduation dinner and ceremony for the families of our graduates.